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Expect uranium production to increase in the coming years.

October 10, 2016 of the most pressing problems facing the world today are environmental ones. In countries like Indonesia and Brazil, destruction of the rainforest is changing ecosystems forever and greatly impacting the way of life for many people. In Indonesia in particular, the smoke from the burning of the forest is a health risk that is felt all the way in Malaysia. In China, air pollution from the burning of coal is so bad some days that people can't even go outside without masks over their faces. Here in the United States, the overfishing of the oceans is making it difficult for many career fishermen to get enough of a catch to keep food on their tables. All of these issues are happening to some degree in isolation, but all of them are contributing to the greatest environmental threat humanity has ever faced: climate change. From the burning of fossil fuels to the oversfishing of the ocean to the destruction of rainforests, all of these things are altering the balance of gases in the atmosphere and leading to a warmer, more unpredictable climate.

The easiest and most effective way for humanity to combat the problems climate change is bringing with it is to alter the ways in which people get their energy. Today, the vast majority of people's energy comes from fossil fuels, from the oil powering their cars to the coal making it possible for them to turn their lights on. If humanity is going to get serious about fighting climate change then it is going to need to find better ways to power the world, ways that don't produce carbon dioxide.

Of all of the various forms of clean energy out there, none of them produces as much energy in as clean a fashion as nuclear power. Nuclear energy is created using a complicated process that relies heavily on uranium mining production for uranium that's necessary to its creation. Companies are able to produce huge amounts of energy using nuclear power, and the best part about it is that there are little to no carbon emissions involved. Thus, nuclear energy is one way in which governments and corporations could power the world without contributing to global climate change.

As the problems from climate change worsen and become more apparent, expect uranium production to skyrocket. Governments and corporations around the world are going to realize just how bad climate change could be for humanity, and thus they are going to look for any and all ways to produce energy without creating carbon emissions. Companies like Energy Fuels are going to see a huge increase in demand for the uranium they're producing, for without nuclear power combating climate change simply won't be possible. If you're the kind of person that looks to invest your money smartly based on trends happening around the world, then uranium stocks are something you should be strongly considering. If humanity is going to fight off climate change nuclear power is going to be necessary. Thus demand for uranium should increase, as should the value of uranium stocks.

What are uranium stocks?

January 25, 2016

uranium miningEnergy Fuels is a uranium mining company that is based out of the United States. Their headquarters is located in Colorado, near the city of Denver, however they operate out of New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, and Utah. Energy Fuels' mill, known as White Mesa Mill, is located in Blanding, Utah. Energy Fuels owns and operates the only conventional uranium production company in the United States, and their mill produces up to two thousand tons of uranium every day. Their company is very committed to the safety, health, and environmental responsibility of uranium production and mining. Energy Fuels understands the importance of sustainable development and strives to put the safety of its workers, community, and environment above anything else. The uranium market took a hit after the Fukushima disaster, however it has started to bounce back in a big way. Energy Fuels is prepared to respond to the increasing demand for uranium stocks while maintaining their values and principles.

If uranium mining is new to you, not to worry, we will start with the basics. Uranium is a naturally occurring element that is slightly radio active. It can be found the Earth's crust in the soil, rocks, ground water, and sea water all over the world. According to the Health Physics Society, “one square mile of earth, one foot deep, typically contains about 2 tons of radioactive uranium.” A Citizens Guide to Uranium Mining, February 2012. The main producers of uranium are Kazakhstan, Canada, and Australia; however many other countries have developed uranium producing capacities in recent years. Uranium is used almost exclusively to fuel nuclear energy, although it is also used in small quantities for medical research and treatments. According to Energy Fuels' website, the United States generates nearly twenty percent of its electricity from nuclear energy sources, which makes the United States the largest consumer of nuclear energy in the world. Nuclear energy is becoming a very popular source of electricity because it is safe, affordable, and decreases air pollution. A 2013 study by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) discovered that - due to reductions in air pollution - nuclear energy could save millions of lives around the World by the use of nuclear energy.

Uranium can be mined in three different ways. The first is through open pit mining, which extracts uranium from the Earth's surface. Open pit mining has a large impact on the area which it takes place, although it is considered to be safer for miners because it allows great ventilation and no danger of radiation. Open pit mining does receive criticism because it can produce a great amount of waste. Another type of uranium mining is underground mining. Underground mining is used to extract uranium that is deeper in the Earth's Crust. It has a smaller effect on the surface which it takes place, however it can be considered dangerous for miners due to the lack of ventilation and risk of radiation exposure. Finally, there is ISL mining, which requires the injection of chemicals in to the Earth's surface. These chemicals work to separate uranium from other particles so that it can be extracted more easily.

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